Welcome to Thanjavur Marathi Group - TMG

Welcome to Deshastha Marathi Mandal - DMM

TMG - Thanjavur Marathi Group has arrived


The seed of TMG tree has been sown by Ravi Shelvankar. The seed has started growing with the efforts of all the members who are contributing.

We are now embarking on organizing a major event of conducting the second meet of all TMG members at Chennai, who connected with each other through facebook group. The details of the meet will be informed shortly


We intend making this as one of the best community groups in next three years time.

The TMG seed need to be nurtured to make it into a big banyan tree, which should provide shade to all TMG members in years to come.

Each one of us need to dedicate at least 4 hours per week/month/quarter to ensure that the seed gets the necessary water, shade and protection if we need to see it as a tree in next three years.

Want to donate?

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TMG Meet - Show off to your relatives - 1 Minute Trailer

TMG Meet - Trailer of Thanjavur 2012 World Event